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Year Round Immune Support with Sambucol Black Elderberry

With everything that's been going on during the pandemic I have become a lot more aware of how important daily immune support is. The girls have been taking elderberry gummies and syrup for awhile now, and we have always bought Sambucol. Not all elderberry is alike and I feel confident that Sambucol not only uses the best type of elderberries, but also has the best cultivation method. Sambucol provides strong immune system support to help the entire family stay healthy even through the toughest of seasons! I have officially become a #SambucolMom.

We get up every morning and the girls and I take our daily vitamins and our Sambucol elderberry gummies! So many people have asked if the taste was actually good so I think it's worth mentioning that the flavor of black elderberry is really good! If the girls think I've forgotten to give them their gummies for the day, they always make sure to remind me. That's how you know they are definitely kid approved! While the girls find them delicious, they are very low in sugar (only 1 gram per gummy). They are pectin based, sweetened only with pure cane sugar, and contain no artificial flavors or colors. That's Mom approved too in my book! The biggest thing for me is that black elderberry is a natural medicine chest as Hippocrates called it. I love using natural products because they make me feel so much more connected to the earth and the things God has given us for medicinal health benefits. I have read how in Ancient Egypt there were even recipes using elderberries. They have used the stem, bark, leaves, flowers, berries and root extracts of the plant in traditional folk medicine, too! Those kind of things really interest me, and I know they would you too!

I have seen so many yummy recipes using elderberries and the girls are dying to try them all! So many people have asked if the taste was actually good so I think it's worth mentioning that the flavor of black elderberry is really delicious! LG has been dying to make these Elderberry Oatmeal Cookies from Sambucol's blog for a tea party. Tea parties are wildly popular at our house so sneaking elderberry into those fun things make you feel really good inside while keeping your little ones healthy inside too!

If you're interested in trying these for your family, Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies are available to purchase at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Ralph's, Vons, Safeway, and Kroger. To find a store near you, visit:

I feel so much better since I started taking elderberry for immune support every day, and I know you will too!

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