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Wonder Works - Orlando

During our stay in Orlando at Floridays Resort, we got to visit Wonder Works! Every time we have driven by it in different places we were visiting, it looked so fun. I mean the building is upside down! That basically says fun! So I was really excited when we got tickets. There are lots of arcade games, rides, exhibits of things to do and experience like laser tag, a ropes course, and so much more!

It has exhibits that are fun for the whole family from adults to kids! This amusement center is so cool because you learn so much in a hands on way! I will say that for little ones, there isn't as much as there is for bigger kids. However, we still had a really great time. This would be a great place to keep in mind if it's raining or a little too cool for theme parks or the pool!

We went to each of the exhibits and rides (that the girls were tall enough for) and they were really interesting. The girls were too short for the 4D Theater ride, the ropes course and a few other things.

I loved the Space Discovery Zone and Lil loved the Imagination Lab! There was also a Wonder Art Gallery, Physical Challenge Zone, a Light and Sound Zone which was LG's favorite, and the Extreme Weather Zone my mom really liked!

The Imagination Lab was full of fun things for little ones, and the giant Lite Brite (y'all remember those) stole all of LG's attention. You could move the pegs to make your own GIANT Lite Brite masterpiece!

Light and Sound Zone in Imagination Lab had an exhibit where you could see your shadow, play in the sand, draw in disappearing ink, and play a giant piano by stepping on the keys. Really neat!

The Extreme Weather Zone had a section where you could become a human lightning rod by putting your hand into a steel glove. So cool! The Earthquake Shake was freaky to me, but the girls giggled the whole time. I may have some thrill seekers on my hands! I see future storm chasers.

The Physical Challenge Zone had a fun place to blow HUGE bubbles that you can fit inside, and a virtual sports area where you can test your athletic skills and throw pitches, complete passes and score goals! The girls didn't do the sports one because they accidentally selected the Zombie dodge ball game and ran away as soon as they saw the zombie. We did go to the Bubble room twice though, that was so much fun!

The Space Discovery Zone was SO fun! You can sit in the Mercury Capsule, try on a space suit that's a real life size replica, ride in a gyroscope that simulates the effects outer space has on humans by giving you that feeling of weightlessness. Really cool! For older kids and adults you can also design your own roller coaster and then ride your creation in a virtual ride!

They also have a glow-in-the-dark ropes course, a 4-D XD Motion Theater, and laser tag! There is so much to do and such a range of things that are great for the entire family!

When we finished at Wonder Works; we actually got to stay to experience the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show too! I had no idea they had a dinner show so when I found out we were getting to go to that -- I couldn't have been more excited. The girls and I have loved dinner shows ever since we did the Medieval Times one in Atlanta (that one was amazing)! This one was funny and the girls laughed even at the jokes they didn't understand. The show was great and full of audience participation which was really neat and different. You had unlimited dinner, dessert and drinks (which includes beer and wine). The pizza and salad was perfect for families (who doesn't love pizza?).

If you guys remember the Medieval Times Dinner Show, you'll remember how excited the girls were just to get tea with dinner because it was a special occasion. The same thing happened this time. I almost feel like I need to make a compilation of those reactions on Lil's face when she realizes she gets a special drinks. See, I just gave you guys some Youtube material right there. I thought to myself, "she's this excited for Sprite, how's Disney going to go?". So far we have had the best time. Traveling with my girls has brought me so much joy. We ended the night in our beautiful Floridays Resort suite feeling thankful for today and all the fun memories!

If you're up in the air about Wonder Works or anywhere we travel, please feel free to leave any questions. You can also send me a DM on Instagram because I check those from you guys multiple times a day!



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