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The Crayola Experience - Orlando

One of our favorite places we visited on our Orlando trip was The Crayola Experience. We had such a great time. I would definitely recommend it for children of every age. I'd say walking toddlers and up to be able to do all the activities, but if you have tiny ones you'll feel great bringing them too. There's a lot of open space between the activity stations which makes it really stroller friendly. They have a toddler playground area and a bigger kid play area too. Every kid that I saw at The Crayola Experience in Orlando was having a great time, and so were the adults!

There are activities set up all over to make every part of your experience special. There's a place to make your own coloring pages where you can put yourself into the page, create drip art, make your own crayons in the shape of puppies and smiley faces, make your own original crayon and name it, play on the indoor playgrounds, watch the crayon factory show, paint, play with modeling clay, play at the interactive experience stations like the stomp and play and the rainbow rain -- and so much more!

With 70,000 sqft of colorful family fun, you are sure to have as much fun as we did! This could easily be a place to bring your kids for an entire day. If you live in Orlando, or near one of the other locations found here, I would definitely get the membership. I know if we lived close enough to a location we would! It's only a little bit more than the 1 day and you can come all year. Great for rainy days, play dates, a great place for special days as a reward, birthday parties, etc.

Me and my Mom had so much fun creating our own crayon. I loved that you can name it whatever you want and it prints the name and the date you visited on the crayon wrapper! You get to put crayons into these machines that melt and pour the wax into crayon shapes and drip art like you see in the photos above. That was really neat!

They gave us tokens when we arrived that allowed you to create your own crayons and to "purchase" the modeling clay with. The girls loved the modeling clay and they got to bring theirs home. They kept creating new shapes and designs all week at the resort.

There was so much to do together as a family, too! They had the indoor playgrounds for kids to go play on and by themselves, but it was so fun getting to participate in each of the other activity with them. Everything is so hands on and fun. Their little faces were either deeply concentrating on creating masterpieces or smiling the whole time. It was precious!

LG loved the section of The Crayola Experience where you could paint with melted crayon wax! It was really cool to watch the hot wax come out of the pens like paint then dry on the page.

The girls could not get over the section where everything was colored all over, and you were free to do the same thing. Lil went right in but it kinda took LG a minute. I almost felt like she was afraid she would get in trouble, or she didn't really understand why it was a thing. Too funny! They both ended up scribbling with the best of them!

We had so much fun at The Crayola Experience in Orlando! If you're in town or live in the area; please visit! You will be so glad you did and so will your little ones!

Feel free to leave any questions below in the comments or email me! I would love to hear from you as well if you've been or are planning to go!



All of our outfits are from Lilly Pulitzer.

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