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Our Honeymoon in Daytona Beach

Are you looking for a new resort that's perfect for a couple's getaway or a family vacation spot with luxury and comfort? If so - this is the place. My husband and I were blessed to get to stay here, and we had the best honeymoon in Daytona Beach that we could have asked for! The new Max Resort was right on the beach and from the moment we arrived we were so impressed! From the very easy parking accommodations when we pulled in, to the staff at the front desk upon our arrival; it was all so welcoming. When you coupled that with the fact that there was hardly anywhere you stepped that you didn't have a clear view of the ocean; we were so excited to start our stay at Max Resort.

Stepping into our room was the true jaw dropping moment for us. I thought I had an idea of what our suite would look like by the Max Resort website and their social media. However, nothing held a candle to how gorgeous it truly was in person. We were given a stunning 3-bedroom oceanfront suite on the 11th floor. The view of the ocean was incredible! Filled with luxury this suite had it all for a couple of family to enjoy. The balcony stretched across the entire suite so that every room, and even 2 of the bathrooms, had a view of the ocean. It was amazing!

Is there a way to beat waking up and watching the sun come up over the Atlantic Ocean from your bedroom? Or from the balcony with a cup of coffee that your handsome husband made for you? How about while you take a relaxing bath? All of these are made possible in these stunning oceanfront suites!

After waking up to a beautiful view and a delicious breakfast, we went to explore the pool area and beach access. The resort beach access was the best I have experienced for so many reasons. The distance from the resort gate at the pool area to where we set up chairs on the beach was so close! The sand is denser and harder in Daytona than other beaches we've been to allowing people to drive on the beach and park close to where they would sit. It looked so much easier to walk and pull wagons. That is something that made me think about all of us parents out there carrying 76 million items down to the beach. That can be such a struggle in that soft white sand pulling a wagon full and bringing all the kids. We definitely mentioned multiple times to each other how convenient this beach and resort would be with the kids! We actually discussed the kids probably too much - I think we just really missed the kids. Lol

While at the beach or pool you can walk up to the Venn Bar & Restaurant for lunch or drinks. The drinks were our favorite, and the bartender made great virgin drinks too for those of us who need or want them! Our favorites were the 50 Year Storm and the Men in Grey Suits, so make sure to try these delicious drinks when you visit! It was so nice that the bar and restaurant are so close too so that you can easily order a refreshing frozen drink and bring it back to the beach to enjoy (you know before its half melted and you feel like you've walked 65 miles).

We found some beautiful restaurants to eat dinner at thanks to the Daytona Beach website that were very conveniently located to the resort. Carribean Jacks was by far our favorite. They had the best shrimp tacos and gator bites. The frozen drinks were delicious as well! The restaurant sits on the water and the sunset was just beautiful. Like God chose it special for us that night. Sunsets are special to my husband and I and so it was just the most perfect night out! They also had live music which was super fun as well.

On our last day we had breakfast at The Cracked Egg Diner, and it was incredible. It would remind any of you hometown readers of Jerry's Country Kitchen, because the food was just as delicious, and the staff were just as welcoming and kind. Come hungry too because the portions are as large as could be!

We did get to explore a little bit too on our trip and took a tour of Daytona International Speedway which was very cool! If you like racing, or even just cars at all, this is a fun place to visit.

We would recommend Daytona Beach for a local honeymoon to anyone looking to honeymoon on one of Florida's beaches! Being from the southwest side of Florida and used to the Gulf Coast beaches I wasn't sure if it would be as nice, but we were more than happy with the beach! If you decide to go and visit Daytona Beach this summer, I hope you'll give these great recommendations a try because you will not be disappointed! We're including this beautiful photo of the sunset so that you can see how beautiful they are and go experience one for yourself with the ones you love in gorgeous Daytona Beach, Florida while staying at the Max Resort!

Happy travels,

Emily & Weston

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