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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

Okay ladies!! Y’all know I normally post super sales and usually always under $100. But — I always try to give you guys what I feel like are the best products in the #NSALE so I picked staples for FALL and WINTER that will last all season or even multiple years!

The products I’ve linked are great items that will last you all season or even multiple years. The Anniversary Sale isn’t just over $100 Sale items though, and I’ll be posting less than $20 items too throughout the week! So definitely keep an eye on my as well as my Instagram stories this week! If you’re looking for anything specific too and want recommendations please feel free to DM me on Instagram that’s usually the quickest way!

Also — if you don’t have a Nordstrom card, I seriously recommend getting one! That’s the only way to shop the early access for the sale. Items sell out quickly during early access too so in order to get the items you want — get a card! I’ll link the application here. You can enter your card number into your Nordy Club account online as soon as you finish the process of applying! There’s not like a long approval process or anything either. They are giving out $40 bonus notes too when you sign up! Really great deal.

So I picked out stapes for Fall and Winter like shoes, jeans and handbags because those are things that you kinda splurge on if you’re going to because they last. So that’s why I felt like that was best to link for y’all! As soon as early access starts I’ll be linking these to this photo so just keep an eye on my because that will be the ONLY WAY TO SHOP my picks! It makes it so much easier too because you don’t loose time trying to figure out how to get to everything yourself on the website!

Have fun shopping ladies and after tomorrow when you click on the “SHOP MY INSTAGRAM” tab, you’ll see all of these same “top pick” guides on the page but they will be linked to my so just remember to go ahead and download the app!

***I wanted to add this so you have a reminder on what to do before the sale tomorrow!!

1. Download the app and follow me @emilymduncan0

2. Apply for a Nordstrom Card and enter your card number into your Nordstrom account, so you’re ready to shop tomorrow!

We’ll be traveling to the beach tomorrow so I’ll be trying to post everything while riding between two toddlers (so pray for me!)

Y’all message me with any questions you may have and I’ll try to be on stories as much as I can to answer them!



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