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Nashville Weekend

This last weekend we went to Nashville to celebrate one of my cousin’s turning 21! My family went, my cousin, his Mom and his Grandma Betty. Can’t forget Grandma Betty. Since we had a bit of a crowd, we decided against a hotel and went for an Airbnb house. I’m really glad we did! We had lots of room. The girls loved getting to spend time with all of our family this weekend —they are big fans of my cousin Levi!

We got to go to the Nashville Zoo and we had a great time! I brought my parents and we had so much fun.

The girls loved it. I actually am more of a fan of this zoo now than our Atlanta Zoo. It sits outside of town so it’s not hectic to park, you literally always would be able to find a parking spot since the parking lots are so large. We went on a Saturday and still got to park really close. I felt like they had a lot more shade as you walked the paths too.

I like that a lot because with the kids they have a stroller for shade, but my mom and I usually die from the heat and pushing them all day in the strollers. I will also say that as we walked around, we noticed everything was a lot more level too, so not as many up and down paths like at the Atlanta Zoo.

About every 5 mins we had someone asking for the map to direct us, which was nothing close to helpful but did make for the cutest picture!

The girls favorite part was the kangaroos. They allow you to walk through this path and the kangaroos are just hanging around in the same path you’re walking on. One flew by Lilli as we came in! Really neat. The girls got to pet them and interact with them. I found that really unique and the girls thought it was the coolest thing. A bit bummed I didn’t get to hold a Joey though. Lately I feel like I’ve even got the pouch for one. Dang Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

They had a lot more for kids to play on too. Their playground is a wooden castle type playground and it’s massive. I’ve never seen one that large. They loved it though it did give me a bit of a fright since it’s so big. I found myself having to follow them more than normal and at one point LG did have to help me out of a tunnel... I know.. embarrassing. They had a blast thought so it was worth it!

They also have a pavilion type area that has thick gymnastics mats in it for the kids to jump around in. It also has padded benches all the way around too for the parents to sit on and watch the kids play. Really neat things. It was a lot of fun and honestly 5x better in my opinion than the Atlanta one!

They also had zip lining and of course — the Carousel— Lilli’s happy place. All around we had a great time! I definitely recommend going. It was a lot of fun and in my opinion 5x better than the Atlanta Zoo! Click here to buy discounted tickets!

We also got to tour the Ryman, which was a lot of fun. We didn’t have enough time that day to do the Backstage tour so when we go back I would definitely like to do that. All the pew seating is beautiful, and the stained glass windows were gorgeous.

I can’t wait to get back for a show. We’re already planning which shows we would want to go to! LG talked about being on the stage for hours before we got there and she was so worried she was going to be late and not get on stage and all this. She said she was going to “bring the house down Mom... well not really the house like you know Mom my singing it’s gonna be sooo good my fans are going to love it and cheer”... So when she made it on the stage for a photo and the photographer told her she could sing her song... quiet as a church mouse... stage fright she claimed.

The girl really is a performer though, I probably should put her in acting. Y’all remember her “so if you like this video, give it two thumbs up” video she made years ago... (if you haven’t been around that long check out the Instagram highlight “LG”).

We had a lot of fun, but definitely needed more time! That is literally just a fraction of everything we did and saw and we can’t wait to go back!

Our mornings wouldn’t have been complete without The Donut Distillery either! They have some delicious donut flavors and the girls were in love!

If y’all have any suggestions for our next trip please post them in the comments or send me an email! XOXO

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