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Hello Ladies, happy weekend! I am planning on sharing an overall gift guide very soon for men, but thought I would do a style gift guide for men first that focuses on clothing and accessories. I am always sharing women and kid's style favorites, but never much about men's style. I decided today I would change it up a bit. I guess all the men in my life have shopped for themselves for the most part, so I never really had to shop too much for them. However, I can't say that's always been because of their insane eye for fashion. In fact, I really wish I could find that one picture of my Dad in Hello Kitty footed pajamas from a few Christmases ago. Something tells me this is the PERFECT spot for that. Anyways, now that I have burned that image into your mind, lets talk about men's style. I wanted to write a post that spoke to anyone who may be buying for a boyfriend, husband, dad or friend and is in need of a little advice! I honestly don't know a ton about men's clothing, but what I do know and what I have found I wanted to share! With the holidays coming up it's a great time to show off your newfound knowledge. I've created some looks with a few companies that I really love, and I know you will too!

My favorite holiday party looks will always be a traditional suit with a custom fitted dress shirt like this one from Proper Cloth, a nice tie or bowtie, and of course a jacket. I just think it looks sharp. Adding cufflinks doesn't just finish off a look but it can really add some fun too (just a little panache, as LG would say). If I walk into a Christmas party and someone is wearing a suit or even dark jeans with a jacket, it just looks more put together in my opinion. There's such different and fun colorful ties or cuff links like these Red Truck Cufflinks. They add a little pop of color and are great conversation starters. Great gift idea as well for the men in your life's coworkers, friends, boss, things like that. Trust me, literally has everything you could imagine and something for everyone!

If the man in your life is around children for work (or just loves Disney), think about checking out this entire Disney collection. From ties to socks to cuff links, there is something every Disney fan will like. I've thought of so many great people in different careers and walks of life that would love a piece or two from this collection. Great conversation pieces, and they give a friendly feel to the person wearing them. This works well for kids that feel a little uneasy at the sight of someone they don't know in a suit, teachers, preachers visiting kids in the hospital, special needs children, the list goes on. My elementary school principal used to wear cartoon ties (at that time Loony Toons were big) and all the kids loved it! My favorites are the Mickey Mouse Cufflinks and the Mickey Mouse Navy Paisley tie. You can get 20% off of Disney this month with code "DISNEY+". Great time to save on gifts and get your shopping done early!

I think that when you get things custom fit to you, you just feel more confident in what you're wearing. Proper Cloth does an amazing job at making sure their sizing questionnaire matches up perfectly with the fit of their custom shirts. I loved the process as well. From the start to finish, the entire process maybe took me 10 minutes to create a custom dress shirt. It was delivered quickly, and was beautifully packaged and fit perfectly. This makes an amazing gift that someone can wear year round. The dress shirts go so well with everything from Especially their new Ox & Bull Collection. I love this tie that I paired with the Mickey cufflinks.

Speaking of gift ideas, these monthly subscription boxes make great gifts. They come with a tie and 4 accessories every month. I did a bit of mixing and matching with the looks from this post, so you'll see a tie from Harrison Blake and cufflinks from the Ox & Bull collection from paired together often. With the November Package box being just $25, it's an extremely affordable gift for any man on your list. When you order your first box, you can use code "SPRING" for $10 off your first order! For necessity type gifts like t-shirts/undershirts, these Thompson Tees have become a favorite in our house and I know they will be in yours too. Their sweat proof t-shirts come in short sleeve and long sleeve, tons of colors, v-neck and crewneck, and they really work! They're also offering a 30% off discount right now with code "EARLYBF30".

These are some great sales that I hope you are able to take advantage of and save on Christmas gifts and everyday style for the men in your life! I know that they will truly appreciate the quality that these pieces possess and feel confident in these styles and picks that you select. Let me know how everyone on your list enjoys any gifts you pick out for them from this post, I'd love to hear all about it!



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Emily M. Duncan