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Luxury Glamping in Alabama

Have you been glamping yet? If you've been following me over the years, you'll remember when we went Glamping in Tennessee. We had a great time that weekend as we already love basic tent camping. So, for us that was a step up from traditional camping and so neat to have a real bed and a tent already up. However, you still had to have coolers to store all your food in, shower in your flip flops, and use the restroom in the campground bathhouse. All the normal camping things. Now, take everything you think glamping is and erase it from your mind. Follow along while I tell you, and show you, what glamping can be like when done The Destination Resort way!

The Destination Resort in Dadeville, AL is the true definition of a hidden gem. Sitting down a gravel road tucked into the beautiful hardwood trees are 4 amazing tents all themed with inspirations from places the owners, Skip & Rhonda, have lived. The glamorous glamp we had the pleasure to stay in was The Music Loft. The others glamp tents are The Moondance - named after the yacht that they enjoyed so many weekends on. The Rhondaposa - a little play on words there named after sweet Rhonda. Ponderosa, Rhondaposa. I love it! This tent is a little western themed hideaway. The Clearwater is named for where Skip & Rhonda grew up and is my second favorite tent after the music loft. It is so beachy and will give you all the Florida feels. The smaller glamps with 1 bedroom, The Moondance & The Rhondaposa, are still 370 sqft which is incredible. The larger 2-bedroom glamps, The Music Loft & The Clearwater, are an impressive 650 sqft! You feel like you're in a cabin or hotel with these luxury upgrades like the walk-in showers, kitchenettes and full bedrooms.

We had the best time relaxing on the deck and in the hot tub, hiking the property, fishing and canoeing, and exploring local shops and markets. The Destination Resort is the perfect place to unwind and connect to nature all while getting a feel of luxury in every safari tent. The girl's favorite by far was canoeing and fishing. I loved how close everything was yet felt so private. We could come out of our tent and walk down a short gravel path to put our canoes in and fish which was great. My Mom and I could go back and forth cooking dinner or to relax in between all the fun with the kids! I love grilling out and we got to grill every night and it was so nice to be able to eat amongst the trees and have the girls get to enjoy helping cook and eat outside every night of our stay. When you take a trip like this you realize that while you could obviously grill out every night at home if you took the time, you just don't the way you do while here. The Destination Resort is such a special place and we said multiple times that we would go out for dinner, and we ended up staying put almost the entire time because it's just so peaceful and relaxing!

The last night of our stay the owners, Skip & Rhonda, invited us down to the lodge where they hosted an amazing dinner with live music by Chris Nathan. Chris has an amazing song titled "Sugarcane", so the menu was a delicious spread of Cuban themed food complete with one of my favorite desserts, key lime pie. Friends, family, the local community and glamping guests were all invited to share in the wonderful music, food and fun. Skip and Rhonda are amazing hosts, and you can see how much they love hosting and entertaining. If you're lucky enough to hear Skip play the piano and sing during your stay, then you will be in for a treat!

This luxury glamping resort is above the rest as far as luxury, quality and warmth that is rooted in the way these two beautiful souls have designed and ran The Destination Resort from day 1. I encourage you to book a stay as soon as you can! You can use my code when booking "EMILY10" to save on your stay! This is such a great way to spend time unwinding and connecting to nature while never having to leave the same luxuries of home life. Feel free to ask me all the questions on our stay that I didn't answer here because I would be will happily gab all day long about this place! Priceless memories. We love and are now lifelong fans of The Destination Resort!

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