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Have you tried Madison Reed Color Bar?

I have found the salon in which my soul loves... that's how that saying goes, right? This is the place, ladies! I brought my Mom to the Madison Reed Color Bar in Marietta for a little Mother's Day treat (for the both of us) and it was so nice.

This was our second time and it never disappoints! We love Madison Reed for so many reasons. The color is always so natural looking. Their dye doesn't have a harsh smell at all and contains no ammonia, para-phenylenediamine (PPD), resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or titanium dioxide. Instead it's full of argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root extract. Everyone is so sweet, the salon is gorgeous, and you walk out feeling so good.. and so does your hair!

My Mom has grey now in her hair and let me tell you... I have never seen color that covers grey like Madison Reed does. She also is super sensitive to ammonia in hair color because it makes her hair fall out. So I was beyond happy to find out how great Madison Reed worked for her. If you or your mom needs grey coverage with no harsh chemicals, you need Madison Reed in your life, too! Here is my Mom's before and after! She gets all over color in Sicily Blonde. You can also grab a box of color here if you want to dye at home, too! You can use code "EMILY10" to save 10%! Tons of colors to choose from!

My hair is naturally super curly and dry, so I have to have a dye that won't kill my hair or leave me with damaged hair. The first time I visited Madison Reed I got a color reviving gloss put on my hair and it was amazing. It left my hair feeling so soft. That is absolutely something I would recommend for those who are happy with their hair color but just want to get it revived and add a really pretty shine and softness to it. It leaves your hair looking brand new and feeling great. This trip, I went with the balayage highlights to give me a lightened but natural look for summer. It looks so natural, and I love that I don't have to worry about the roots growing out or re-dying it every couple weeks! If I get busy (hello Mom life), it won't look like I don't have my life together! It will just fade into my hair. They start the highlights about halfway down your hair so it blends really well. It lasts and looks amazing. I made sure to pick up some of their color depositing hair mask to use in place of conditioner twice a week, too. This is what it does for your hair when you use it! I got the "PERLA" so I could keep the violet tones from the highlights and eliminate brassiness. You can click here to grab this and get 10% off with code "EMILY10".

My hair is naturally strawberry blonde and so I had them use a cool blonde for the balayage highlights. The kit for doing your own highlights at home is linked here! They used Cool Vanilla for mine. The step-by-step guide looks so easy and I'm thinking about doing a video of me applying the highlight kit myself when I am ready to refresh these! Then you could see how easy it is to apply too and save it for when you want to try it yourself at home! This is my before and after! You can totally see how flat and dull my hair was before and how much healthier and shinier it is after I go to Madison Reed!

We had such a fun time getting our hair done together and we both love Madison Reed Color Bar. The Marietta location is our favorite and everyone is just so sweet. If you're looking for a great place to pamper yourself, go! You will not regret it. You can save 10% off in salon services too by using my code "EMILY10"! You know you need it... so go have some self care salon fun and tell them I sent you!



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