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Getaway House - Atlanta

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Let's go get lost, so we can be found..

I have been crazy busy lately with work, school, the girls and everything in between. Eventually I did plan to slow it down a little, but wasn't exactly sure when that was going to be. When I got an email from The Getaway House, I knew I had found a way to get a little break from the "always on".

The Getaway House was made for the "always on" so that you can unplug and unwind. It's a getaway cabin that is simple and charming, with all the necessities needed for a relaxing stay! There are several cabins at each locations which is no more than 2 hours away from the following major cities: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh + Cleveland, and Washington D.C.. Their fun, simple design appeals to the scatterbrained, and lets you just connect with nature and the loved ones you bring on your trip! We had the most beautiful ride up into the mountains from Atlanta to Suches. We found our way easily and arrived to the cutest tiny cabin in the woods.

We unpacked and settled in. At the Atlanta location, we found us to be a few minutes from a town. We brought a skillet meal and cooked both nights so that we could watch the sunset from our cabin window and come in before dark. My mom brought an educational game for the girls to play and we all ended up playing lots of Numbers Bingo! It was lots of fun and Lil's new favorite game. She's getting so smart by watching LG do her homeschooling everyday. We were amazed at how well she's doing with number recognition now. If you'd like to check out the games for your little ones it's linked here. Best $10 you'll spend!

We spent lots of time just relaxing, reading books with the girls etc. My mom read out of one of the books they had at the cabin. It was full of old Grimm fairy tales so the girls loved that. It was so nice to be able to use the time to truly connect. At home I try to read to the girls every night and take some time to play toys with them everyday, but sometimes I get distracted and life gets in the way! This was so nice because I didn't work much at all, and just spent quality time with them. Something everyone needs and can can truly relate to, am I right?

We did get out the next day to explore a little town that was about 30 minutes from our Getaway House. Dahlonega was such a charming little town filled with sweet shops, restaurants, a toy store, and lots of fun antique shops to browse. We had lunch at a delicious Irish restaurant and pub called Shenanigans. Then the girls got a treat at the Fudge Shop on the square and we just walked around for the afternoon. My mom got them a sweet little stuffed animal from a little shop as their memory from the trip. It was so nice to spend the afternoon exploring!

I can't think of a better way to unplug and reconnect with loved ones than by booking a stay at the Getaway House! I want you each to feel what I felt, and experience the moments that I did this week with my mom and my little girls. I want that for you and your family, so I am including my discount code "EMD25" to help encourage you to click here to book! You will be so glad you did, and I cannot wait to hear about the special memories you create while on your trip!

Cheers to slowing down and cherishing who and what really matter to you!



Outfit details:

Carhartt beanies | Fur Jean Jacket | Toddler Jean jacket | Jean vest | Bleached flannel | Red Kate Spade Handbag | Fur Bearpaw Boots (use "EMILY20") | Girls' Bearpaw Fur Boots (use "EMILY20" | Grey "So Fetch" Sweatshirt (use "emily10" | Girls' grey shirt | Aviator Sunnies | Princess Nightgowns | Red Plaid Pajama Set

Updated June 21 2020

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