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Daisy Dreaming + Delta Children

Holy hot outside.

How did it get so hot, so quick? We are currently sitting outside in t-shirts and no pants eating popsicles on the porch. Well… I’m not. But if I was I probably wouldn’t admit it anyway!

The girls are so glad it’s warm enough to get out and play in the pool and sprinklers finally, and it’s insane when you look at them running around together and see how big they’re getting! I keep saying they’re like little besties right now because they really are! It’s the CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Talking about getting big, LG is getting big! With getting big comes more big girl things, and someone just got a very special big girl bed! Of course it had to be a princess one, I mean why would it not be? The girl basically lives in princess attire. Oh, and don’t get me started on the makeovers… I’m telling y’all…It’s all the dang time. She never wants to do them on herself either, just me! She loves the special time with me after sis goes to sleep, and she’s so sweet that I can’t ever say no!

Back to the big girl bed! I love her new big girl bed and she loves it too! I got one from Delta Children called Madeline Princess Twin Bed. It has crown detail on the top of the headboard because well…she’s the princess! It’s so sweet for a little girl.

The color is like an off white and so nice. I’m never a fan of that bright white because it looks too cheap to me but this one looks really, really nice! Honestly it’s so much prettier in person when you get it all put together than the pictures –and I think the pictures are about the prettiest thing I’ve seen!

It’s so sweet to see how much they love something that you know they need instead of just something they want. Something so small like the crown detail on the headboard made her absolutely love it! It’s the perfect one for any little girl moving up from a toddler bed to a twin without having to get something bright pink or plastic. I like the wood and classic look. So if that’s what you’re after too, this one is a great way to have what you want + let little one’s feel like they’re getting what they want too! Love that.

Delta Children has a great selection of not only bed frames but other bedroom furniture, cribs, table and chair sets for kids, storage bins for toys, toddler beds, full size and twin beds, strollers, high chairs and walkers, gliders, the list goes on and on!

Delta is the leading manufacturer of cribs too! They have so many sweet ones. My favorite are the ones that can convert as your child grows from a crib to a toddler bed to a full size bed so I’ll link that one here. It’s amazing! Their sets are so affordable as well.

They have bedroom sets that are great for a baby nursery that include the glider, crib, crib mattress, mattress pads, sheets, and a dresser for $799! Such a good deal! Linking that set here for y’all! The bedrooms sets for toddlers and up I’ll link here! They are so great because they start at $499 and you can get the traditional sets, Disney and Marvel themes, MLB themed and other fun sets! Those sets come with the lots of storage too with a dresser and storage bin along with the beds! Great deals.

I love that you can get Delta products basically everywhere too! I got LG’s sweet princess twin bed from Walmart and I’ll link it here! It’s on sale at Walmart too so it’s such a great deal. Free and super fast shipping too! I think I literally got mine in 2 days! “Like oh hello are you?.. I’m about to be your best friend. Like Amazon Prime but no membership fee and your girl doesn’t have to go to Walmart.. where do I put in my card info?!” It was awesome to find that out about their shipping. Cause let’s be honest (when am I not though?) I don’t always like to go to Walmart so if you get shipping that fast…that’s some good news!

Super easy to set up too and the nice thing is you can literally do it yourself. In fact LG actually got to help set it up and she loved that! So many great products! I just love how great the quality is I was so impressed. I’ll link some of the product categories here and items in each that are my favorite! Hope you have the best time shopping Delta Children products and I know you and your littles will love them all!!


4-in-1 convertible crib in 4 different colors for boys or girls (this is so neat, converts to toddler bed then a full size, it has a changing table and drawers attached to side of the crib)

4-in-1 crib to full size bed

Toddler Beds

Baker toddler bed 4 colors — really nice classic look

Toddler to Twin Princess Carriage Bed (so so cute for a little girl and on MAJOR sale right now!)

Twin Beds

Princess carriage bed above!

Farmhouse Twin Bed (so JoJo! Too cute!)

Princess Madeline Twin Bed (this is the one in the photos that LG has! My favorite!)


Epic Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair in 4 colors

Paris Upholstered Glider (love this in the Dove Gray)

High Chairs

EZ-Fold High Chair

So many great things!

Link to my Like to Know It post here as well that has lots of great items linked from Delta!


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