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Blairsville, GA

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

There really is nothing like a little cabin tucked in the woods of the North Georgia mountains. In the middle of Fall when the air is crisp and apple barns dot the side of every road. Full of apples, pumpkins, pies and apple cider. I'm not much of an impulse buyer on anything...but those fried apple pies at the orchards get me every time! I'm pretty sure I ate one for each of you reading this...and I wish I was lying. Someone send help.

When the mountains called us, we just had to go! We decided to stay at Copperhead Lodge - a 40 acre resort with cabins as well as cozy lodge rooms for guest accommodations. We had a beautiful little cabin (Cabin 50) in the woods at the back of the wooded property and loved it. Our cabin had a full kitchen, two bedrooms with king size beds, a bathroom, a front porch and a back porch complete with a patio dining table, tv, and hot tub. We loved being able to eat dinner on the back porch and enjoy movies on the screened porch as well. It was just what we needed!

My grandma, my mom, the girls and I loved our week together and all of our adventures. We were able to visit lots of apple orchards and local farmers markets while in the mountains. We took drives around the mountains (while I tried my best not to get carsick -- I realized I definitely can't live in the mountains with windy roads). The leaves hadn't quite turned enough, so the next time we go to the mountains I want to make sure the leaves are already turned. However, it was still such a picturesque trip and we saw so many beautiful places. The girls even saw a little bear cub on one of our drives and they were so excited!

Copperhead has a restaurant as well, The Flying Trout, inside the lodge. The chef was wonderful! He came out and joked around with LG and asked her what she wanted for dinner. When she told him he said "we can make it happen!". She was very impressed with his skills in the fish sticks and french fry department, and I enjoyed the trout I had as well! The restaurant has a huge fireplace, and it was so nice with all the fall decorations they had up. We had great night and a great meal at The Flying Trout.

We had lots of adventures, including a fun trip to a little fairy village that the girls adored! They love their playhouse at home, so these kid size fairy houses were right up their alley. It was a struggle to get them to leave -- there may or may not been a bribe or two (did I say that?). It was so cute I didn't want to leave either, and the best part is it's totally free! I definitely recommend visiting if you are staying in Blairsville or passing through to Blue Ridge or Tennessee.

We had a great week overall and were really happy with our cabin stay at Copperhead Resort. It was such a special trip for us since my grandma was able to come with us! She says that it was her last trip (but I don't believe her -- or at least I sure hope that's not the case).

*I will note that the resort does cater to motorcycle enthusiasts, so I would take that into consideration if you decide to stay. However, it's a very relaxed setting where things are casual and welcoming. Cabin 50 was beautiful, and I definitely recommend booking the cabin we stayed in if you decide to visit! If you do visit, please let me know how you enjoyed your stay -- and mention that I sent you!

I'm sure that Blairsville will see us again -- I feel certain there are more family adventures to be had in cabins, orchards (with fried pies galore), mountains and fairy gardens!



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