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Best Place to Stay When in Orlando

Hey y'all!

..It's been a little while since I've posted a blog post for y'all.  It's been a crazy busy summer so far!  But, we have been on some great vacations and had some really special times together.  We have been at the beach for like a month, and since we're beach girls we had such a blast.  Talk about living our best lives! During our beach trip, we also went to Orlando as well to spend a day at Universal.  The girls love Dr. Seuss so we knew that would be a big hit! I wanted to write a review of the hotel we stayed at while in Orlando so that you can see why we loved it and why I recommend it for anyone staying in Orlando!

Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel

We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Orlando called Rosen Shingle Creek. It was gorgeous. It has something to offer everyone.  A stunning pool area, golf course, shops, restaurants and bars, luxurious accommodations and such a sweet staff! We were in love! The staff is so friendly, and they really cater to your every need. And want to! That is so rare to find at a hotel lately. The hotel had a lot of guests that were in town for conventions while we were there, but it never felt over crowded and the staff made sure no one was neglected. The views from anywhere in the hotel were beautiful and the architecture and design of the hotel was so pretty. 

We were given VIP privileges while at the hotel and I definitely recommend getting them. It was wonderful to get valet parking every day, as it's included in the privileges. The parking lots are a bit away from the hotel entrance so it really is worth it. They also have free shuttles as well to the parks. I just don't think you'll catch me trying to find a parking spot and remembering where we parked and then walking 1267 miles to the entrance of the Disney parks. So that is definitely worth it on it's own to me! My favorite part of the VIP privileges was being able to go up to the 14th floor every day for breakfast, appetizers before dinner, and desserts. Of course, you already know that was my favorite part. They also provide bottled drinks and bottled water all day which was great!

Of course LG's favorite part was the "princess glasses". She said she was having a tea party breakfast every morning and that was "soooo cool".

We stayed in the executive suite and an adjoining room that had 2 queen beds.  We had 2 bathrooms which was so nice. The executive suite has a Murphy bed in it as well which is great for additional sleeping since I brought my mom, sister and aunt with me and the girls! The rooms were beautiful and overlooked the pool area. Everything was wonderful from the ability to make a cup of coffee with their Keurigs in the afternoon or morning, WiFi for work and fun, to the elegant decor and comfortable linens.

Everything checked off on my list for the best hotel that we've ever stayed in. The whole hotel feels safe as well, which is so important to me with the girls.

We didn't get to swim in the pools because of the weather (being from Florida you will not catch me in a pool when it's raining and thundering...nah) but they were so beautiful.  So I guess we will just have to go back?? The girls saw so many little wild bunnies around the pool area too. They thought it was so neat because you could walk up to them, so that lessened the disappointment of no pool time!

They have so many beautiful places in this hotel... The spa is gorgeous! They even have Mommy and Me spa packages as well.  I can't wait to take LG when she's a bit older.  This hotel would make a great place to stay for a girls trip or a Mother Daughter getaway!

They give you beautiful robes as well that are perfect for the spa. We had way too much fun after the babes fell asleep taking a million photos in these robes. Those are always the best memories! We had such a fun girls trip. We laughed and giggled and had a really fun time.

They had a little shops too that had counter service food and ice cream.  Very nice! They have tables inside and outside to sit at as well. It had everything you might need as well during your stay as far as staple vacation grocery items go (cereal, ice cream, snacks for the parks, etc). The girls loved being able to not have to leave the hotel to get ice cream! 

They also have tons of other restaurants and bars inside the hotel (it almost has a Ponce City Market feel for my Atlanta followers) and it's just really cute and so inviting. A taqueria, burger and beer, Italian, sushi, and steakhouse restaurants. Outside of the restaurants there are lots of little sofa areas as well to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Rosen Shingle Creek is definitely the perfect place to get drinks with colleagues, go on a little date night, or night out with girlfriends...without having to even leave the hotel. Really nice. So many options too for families as well including all the Orlando attractions like Disney and Universal. Perfect for everyone!

The hotel really is a great place for anyone to stay.  It has the elegance and class and accommodations to host individuals, couples, families and business trips.  They also host conferences as well. If you have a business looking for a hotel to host your conference or convention, Rosen Shingle Creek would be the best choice hands down. I loved having our family there and would stay at Rosen Shingle Creek time and time again when staying in Orlando. I look forward to hearing about your stay at Rosen Shingle Creek and know that it will be just as incredible as mine was! Happy traveling, and always feel free to send me messages about your travel and life experiences -- I love reading them!

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