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Beddy’s for the Babes

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Hey y’all! So I don’t know about your kids…but the girls were awful at making up their beds before I found Beddy’s! They would complain when I asked or say they couldn’t do it. So, of course… I would help. Most times I’d just end up doing it myself and I didn’t like that for several reasons. I have my own bed to make up (with all 12 million throw pillows). That’s a work out in itself. I also just wanted them to be able to make up their beds themselves! I think they need to have responsibilities, feel like they can do things themselves, and feel proud of that! Plus I felt like if they see me doing it every day their little minds would just add it to the list of “don’t need to do that either — moms got that”. So no thanks. I want them to make that connection of “my mom asked me to do this, I can do it and I listened and feel proud of myself for doing it”.

When I found Beddy’s… I thought to myself “oh yeah baby, this will work!”. And guess what…IT DID! So Beddy’s was designed to make making up a bed so easy a toddler can do it! And mine can! Sorry y’all, I’m just still like on cloud 9 over how easy this is. It’s the little things these days ladies.

Beddy’s is designed, in a way, like a sleeping bag. It has the comforter and sheets built in together so when you put it on the mattress, it goes on like a bottom sheet. A pocket sheet? The one that you put on the mattress. Sheesh. I should know the correct name for that.

Anyways..It has elastic around the whole thing so it stays on the mattress perfectly! It’s WONDERFUL. Then it has easy pull zipper tabs on each side and you have zippers along the entire length of the bed! So when your babes (or you, heck I’m thinking about one for myself) make up the bed, all they have to do is pull the zippers up on both sides and BAM done! On the top sheet insides you can get that super soft minky baby blanket material. My girls LOVE that. It’s “so soft and snuggly” -LG.

There are lots of styles, plenty of sizes for any size bed your kids may have, and different feels too (minky sheets or all cotton). My girls absolutely love theirs! I would love to see your babes loving them too! I am including a code for you to use as well to save!

You can use the code “EMILYD20” to save! Click here to check out everything they have! **The girls have the Mini Blush sets!** Their pjs are from The Yellow Lamb and linked here! I’d love to hear from you if you buy one for your kiddos!

Feel free to email me or reach out on Instagram with questions about ours!!

XO, Em

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